On Film

From the 8 Million Steps site:

“An entire village and centuries of rural tradition are in danger of extinction. Why? In whose interest? The heavy hand of the authorities is threatening people’s very existence with absurd laws and regulations written by anonymous bureaucrats in Brussels and enforced by clueless local officials. These villagers, whose only crime is to grow and share their own food, are living in fear, unable to defend themselves against the senseless attack on their way of life. They can’t sell their produce, so they’re all forced to buy their food in a supermarket.”

I lived for five years in this tiny farming village in rural Spain and was involved in fighting back against corporate bureaucracy in various ways, including the creation of an Eco Tourism platform to keep rural traditions alive. In this film by 8 Million Steps (2014), I was interviewed about these issues, including the decline of the traditional Spanish matanza.

EPISODE 2 – The village that can’t be named (Un pueblo que no puede ser nombrado). from 8 MILLION STEPS on Vimeo.