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January 05

Are Migrant Sex Attacks A Failure By The Left? Here’s The View From Germany

Multiple cases of German women being sexually assaulted by migrants on New Year’s Eve have sparked mass fear, anger and reprisal attacks against refugees in the country. Germany is now at crisis point: after generously welcoming asylum seekers from Syria last summer, Chancellor Angela Merkel now faces pressure at home (and across Europe) to end her ‘open-door’ policy, and to […]

January 02

How The Love Shown By Muslims And Bikers Saved My Flooded Town

On Boxing Day morning at 7 am, after months of heavy rain, we were woken by the sound of flood sirens as the river Calder burst its banks. Within an hour, the valley where I live in West Yorkshire, England, was six feet underwater. Hebden Bridge resident Helen Baron posted this image of the town on Facebook […]

December 11

Introducing ‘Hot Topics’ (Most Shared)

I don’t publish all my news and video stuff on this site, so here are some external links to some most-shared news articles and videos on the True Activist site that my blog readers might like to check out in addition to the long reads featured here. I’ll try to update this list regularly. Must watch: […]

November 10

Could Everything We Think We Know About Ancient Human Origins Be Wrong?

In 2003, British author and investigative journalist Graham Hancock published a book that caused huge controversy in the academic world. ‘Fingerprints of the Gods’ delved into the mysteries surrounding human origins and asked us to question whether modern-day archaeologists and geologists have got it all wrong: human civilization first flourished during the Ice Age, and […]

July 01

10 Uplifting Things To Do If The World Is Making You Depressed

There’s no doubt about it: the world is seriously messed up. If you’re not feeling a little bit sad right now, you’re probably either already taking an assortment of pills to deal with the pain or you live off-grid in a forest somewhere, blissfully ignorant of ISIS vs Western Imperialism, Monsanto, Ecocide, TTIP, and, of […]

5 reasons to be globally cheerful on ´Blue Monday´

According to a rather dubious equation, today is Blue Monday: the most depressing day of the year. The glitter baubles are back in the attic, the new years resolutions are out of the window, it´s dark when you go to work and darker when you return, and while the waistline may have increased, the bank […]