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I don’t generally put news pieces or external videos on this site, so I thought I’d add a tab with links to other shareable things I’ve written that I haven’t published here.

  • Must watch: Former marine goes crazy and blows whistle on real agenda of War on Terror (105k shares): view
  • This is huge: Evidence builds linking Turkey and Israel to ISIS (21k shares): view
  • The truth will out, finally: CIA finally admit to JFK cover-up (65.5k shares): view
  • Must-watch: Putin blows whistle on ISIS and how it continues to grow (40k shares): view
  • (Video) Matt Damon: “What we need is civil disobedience” (33k shares): view 
  • France starts shutting down the alternative media in wake of Paris attacks. Why do terrorism laws always destroy civil liberties? (28k shares): view
  • What happens when you read people the most gory passages of the Bible and tell them it’s the Quran? Exactly what you’d expect, and then something else…(30k shares) view
  • Journalist: “Each war is preceded by media lies” (10k shares): view
  • Scientists link pesticide use to lower IQ and breathing problems in childhood (1.9k shares): view
  • Arms traders secretly recorded celebrating war profits (1.6k shares): view
  • NASA hacker says the USA has warships…in space! (8.9k shares): view
  • Donald Sutherland has an eerie message about The Hunger Games (8.5k shares): view
  • Must-watch: Investigative journalist explains what’s really going on re: Paris attacks, war in syria and civil liberties (34.8k shares): view
  • The Gambia votes to end FGM (27.6k shares): view
  • Amazing: how cannabis oil saved this man’s life when chemo couldn’t (10.8k shares): view
  • Former marine Ken O’Keefe’s refreshing point of view on Paris attacks (10k shares): view
  • Watch the moment British soldiers throw their medals to the floor with these powerful words… (33.7k shares) view
  • Secret documents show Bush and Blair planned to lie about WMD one year before attacking Iraq (4.2k shares): view
  • Conclusive evidence the USA supported the emergence of ISIS (video, 5.4k shares): view
  • Finland plans to scrap welfare and instead give every citizen 800 euros per month, rich or poor, from birth until death (8.8k shares): view
  • Uruguay runs off 95% clean energy, so why don’t we? (8.7k shares) view
  • Renegade Pulitzer prize-winning journalist Chris Hedges talks about the importance of independent media, why the corporate oligarchy needs to be challenged, and why the USA is ripe for a revolution (4.3k shares): view
  • Statistics show mass fear over terrorism is completely irrational (1.2k shares): view
  • 337 dead whales in Chile is the worst case of mass animal deaths science has ever seen (10.8k shares): view
  • Scientists invent revolutionary material to clean up oil spills (1.8k shares): view
  • Doctors in this French town prescribe surfing instead of pills (5.4k shares): view
  • McDonalds under fire again for refusing food to the homeless (2.2k shares): view
  • Former army general blows the whistle on the truth about the War on Terror (video, 4.3k shares): view
  • How did the country that crucifies and beheads protesters win a place on the UN human rights council? (11k shares): view
  • Why did the British government send snipers to a peaceful protest? (5k shares): view



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