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January 05

Are Migrant Sex Attacks A Failure By The Left? Here’s The View From Germany

Multiple cases of German women being sexually assaulted by migrants on New Year’s Eve have sparked mass fear, anger and reprisal attacks against refugees in the country. Germany is now at crisis point: after generously welcoming asylum seekers from Syria last summer, Chancellor Angela Merkel now faces pressure at home (and across Europe) to end her ‘open-door’ policy, and to […]

Child Brides and FGM: How Crowdfunding Can Change Lives

Why feminism is needed more than ever, and how one woman´s dream is empowering others around the world The F-word: divisive, controversial, and frequently misunderstood. But what does feminism actually mean, and why does a concept so crucial to girls and women often cause such negative reactions? To find out, I interviewed Maz Kessler, founder […]

5 reasons to be glad you´re single this Valentine´s day

It´s Valentine´s Day again folks, a time of year when I always spare a thought for those lonely lovelorn singles who have to endure being bombarded with images of cupids,  red roses and vomit-inducing teddy bears – making them feel like they failed somehow. I say let´s reclaim the day and celebrate singledom- and freedom-  […]

An alternative list of things you should have learned by the age of 30

In 1997, an article listing 30 things women ´should have and should know by the age of 30´ was published in Glamour magazine. ´The List´ struck a chord with thousands of women and was an internet sensation, and its ongoing popularity sees it published 15 years later as a book, complete with commentary from iconic […]