Further proof that animals experience complex emotions

Here are some very moving videos relating to a previous post on animal sentience, and  the government’s recent vote concluding animals are incapable of emotion. That includes pain, apparently. Get ’em told, Jane Goodall…

  1. The chimpanzee who died from a broken heart

2. Another chimpanzee, this time almost dead – but she suddenly perks up when reunited with an old human friend…

3. Chickens have been scientifically proven to have empathy, and they make decisions based on what is best for the group. They have the same emotional intelligence as your average seven year-old human (which is more than your average Tory, I’m betting).

4. A summary of scientific evidence for animal sentience, findings showing that animals feel ‘boredom, contentment, anticipation, intentional behaviours’ and much, much more. In 2012, Stephen Hawking was amongst many scientists who signed a document declaring that animals are just as conscious and sentient as ourselves.

5. Here are some teenage dolphins getting high on pufferfish: ‘They appear totally blissed-out by the experience’. Although this doesn’t relate to empathy or pain, you could argue that chasing fun through recreational drug use (and the sharing of the pufferfish between the group) shows a certain level of intelligence that a stiff Tory just wouldn’t understand.



  1. The sentient beings we just call “Animals” are quite better than humans… I guess we had just chance, to evolve during the last few billions of years. And, unfortunately.
    What we did, are doing and will still do to our Planet Earth, is terrible and will provide our extinction.
    Another awfull reation (GB) showing stubborness, idiocy and idiosincrasy toward other species… well, actually, how could man be different since there is xenophoby, misogeny and so many more?
    One thing is sure, we badly need changes, that will provide more consciousness and love for our planet… Maybe if there were more people to follow the Buddhist path, it would be some hope. Don’t you think so?
    This is a great blog, fully online with my heart & soul :-) thank you for being a great human being :-)claudine

    • Hi Claudine, thanks for that, I’m glad you enjoy reading this site :)
      Yes- I definitely suspect that if Buddhism took over from Capitalism as the main ideology of the Western world then we would already be living in a wonderful new paradigm. I’ve studied Buddhism myself and personally am incapable of killing so much as a fly, but I’m not sure if that is because of what I learned, or because I was already that way inclined. it’s an interesting thought. Can Buddhism be imposed on people? What about gentle encouragement? Or are some people just too far removed from these ideas because they are blinded by their cultural perspectives? The Dalai Lama is a world famous figure, yet despite all his meetings with world leaders, nothing ever seems to change. Why don’t they listen to his words of wisdom? Because they worship money and power, not peace and harmony. We live in a world where positive thinking, affirmations, the law of attraction and so on have become very mainstream in recent years, and yet many people living in Capitalist societies tend to use these very powerful spiritual tools only for self development and material gain. I think it was Jimi Hendrix who said: ‘When the power of love overcomes the love of power, then we will know peace.’ The question is, how do we get there? I believe it’s a gradual shift (ie, the 100th monkey effect). All this waiting for humanity to reach some kind of critical mass, wake up and get a grip does feel very frustrating, but I do think the process is underway. I also believe that many people nowadays have a strong aversion to all ideologies, preferring to find their own path and direct experience with God/The Universe as they see it. Have you read my article about the amazing developments in psychedelic research, for example? These powerful direct experiences, along with Buddhism and various other philosophies and practices (such as Taoism and modern Druidry to give just two examples) are all vital tools for collective evolution and connection to the source of all things. I think the chaos we are going through right now globally will prove to be a great thing. At least, I hope so. Terence McKenna once used an analogy I love; he spoke about the horror, blood, pain and gore of childbirth and pointed out that as an alien watching the event, you’d assume something terrible was happening. Then the baby is born, there’s peace and love and the wonder of life, and you realise the suffering was a necessary part of the process. I often think of that when the world gets too much. Chaos is a pre-requisite for change. We have to be hopeful that’s where we are right now, in the earliest stages of a new paradigm being born! Love and peace to you x

      • I guess you can’t impose something on people unless you get into doing it by force.
        Buddhism is a “way of life”, not a religion, let’s say it’s a philosophy.
        If you believe in it, you have to believe in reincarnation as well: actually, that gives you the answer to your question. You were “already that way inclined” since in some previous lives you had the beautiful chance to improve your vibration reaching for a higher consciousness.
        “Gentle encouragement” can be obtained only when someone is less attached to materialism, to money… very difficult to be done in the western countries. And yes: it is because usually people (in general and not only the Dominants) they worship money and power, not peace and harmony.
        It’s hard (very hard) to cope with it. I keep asking myself “why” and since too many years I don’t get any answer. But one thing is real, the critical mass is getting toward the “edge”… I guess we have to be patients, to keep looking forward with positivity (ahh I do love the law of attraction myself), trying to picture a better future for our so brutally violated Planet Earth.
        Some ideologies are good, other superficial. I prefer thinking about a world ruled by a handful of “special people” without politic nor religious belief.
        Actually, I’m a bit crazy, I wrote it in my last novel, picturing out some creatures with extraordinary powers… and who knows, maybe the young girl (Chrysalis) who appeared in one of my dreams, really is coming from the future using the time-space-grid.
        You have such a special way of describing facts, I would say it’s a gift, Sophie.
        I will gladly read your post about developments in psychedelic research, but I’m ignorant about that kind of things. Meanwhile, I love to get more and more information since I really “feed” myself on it!
        Thank you so much for sharing: see you around here or there… some souls are meant to come in contact!
        Hugs and serenity for the holidays. :-)claudine

  2. I think you are missing the point of why they voted in the way they did. It is not because they don’t believe that animals have feelings, it is because without the EU regulations they can lower the welfare standards and make more profit for business. I am also sure that a lot of Labour MPs would vote the same way also, as most career politicians put profit before people/sentient creatures. The law is just a tool for them to use in this regard. I fear the deeper ideological divide between these people and most of society goes further than any left/right paradigm.

    • Hi Paul, yes I’m certain it’s profit-driven (isn’t it always?) and no doubt it helps the causes of badger baiting, overturning the fox hunting ban etc too. I also agree with your comment about left/right dichotomies being ultimately unhelpful and useless, but I hope you can see that as angry as I am about this vote, this post is rather tongue in cheek… :)

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