GE2017: Fuck the British media!

Really, screw you all. That includes you Owen Jones, you sly little faux-socialist dog. Writing in today’s Guardian, you offered an apology for your part in the lengthy crucifixion of Jeremy Corbyn. You concluded that actually, he’d make a wonderful Prime Minister, and admitted how working for a corporate newspaper- however much it pretends to be left wing- forced you to abandon your own socialist values. All I can say is that if your political beliefs were flimsy enough to be forsaken by what you refer to as ‘groupthink’, you probably had no integrity in the first place. Bearing in mind how much power commentators like you have to swing an election, your words are nauseating:

‘Having one foot in the Labour movement and one in the mainstream media undoubtedly left me more susceptible to their groupthink. Never again. Now that I’ve said I’m wrong – perhaps one of the sweetest things I’ve had to write – so the rest of the mainstream commentariat, including in this newspaper, must confess they were wrong, too. Corbyn stays and – if indeed the Tories are thrown into crisis as Brexit approaches – he has an undoubted chance of becoming prime minister, and a fine prime minister he would make too.’

Too little, too late, Owen; you represent everything that’s wrong with the ‘liberal’ media in this country.

We may not have won the fight for a fair society, but Corbyn’s surge in popular support – despite a vicious sustained attack on his leadership for two years and counting-  proves that the British public aren’t quite as brain dead as the gutter press ‘journalists’ previously believed. Here’s Jonathan Pie (it’s a sad fact that the only famous journalist I still respect isn’t even real) with his positive spin on the small victories we’ve won today. Onwards and upwards for truth and justice!