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I don’t publish all my news and video stuff on this site, so here are some external links to some most-shared news articles and videos on the True Activist site that my blog readers might like to check out in addition to the long reads featured here. I’ll try to update this list regularly.

  • Must watch: Former marine goes crazy and blows whistle on real agenda of War on Terror (105k shares): view
  • The truth will out, finally: CIA finally admit to JFK cover-up (65.5k shares): view
  • Must-watch: Putin blows whistle on ISIS and how it continues to grow (40k shares): view
  • (Video) Matt Damon: “What we need is civil disobedience” (33k shares): view 
  • France starts shutting down the alternative media in wake of Paris attacks. Why do terrorism laws always destroy civil liberties? (28k shares): view
  • What happens when you read people the most gory passages of the Bible and tell them it’s the Quran? Exactly what you’d expect, and then something else…(30k shares) view
  • Journalist: “Each war is preceded by media lies” (10k shares): view
  • 10 things to do if the world is making you depressed (6.2k shares): view
  • Scientists link pesticide use to lower IQ and breathing problems in childhood (1.9k shares): view
  • Arms traders secretly recorded celebrating war profits (1.6k shares): view
  • NASA hacker says the USA has warships…in space! (8.9k shares): view
  • Donald Sutherland has an eerie message about The Hunger Games (8.5k shares): view
  • Must-watch: Investigative journalist explains what’s really going on re: Paris attacks, war in syria and civil liberties (34.8k shares): view
  • The Gambia votes to end FGM (27.6k shares): view
  • Amazing: how cannabis oil saved this man’s life when chemo couldn’t (10.8k shares): view
  • Former marine Ken O’Keefe’s refreshing point of view on Paris attacks (10k shares): view
  • Watch the moment British soldiers throw their medals to the floor with these powerful words… (33.7k shares) view
  • How did the country that crucifies and beheads protesters win a place on the UN human rights council? (11k shares): view
  • Why did the British government send snipers to a peaceful protest? (5k shares): view
  • Secret documents show Bush and Blair planned to lie about WMD one year before attacking Iraq (4.2k shares): view
  • Conclusive evidence the USA supported the emergence of ISIS (video, 5.4k shares): view
  • Finland plans to scrap welfare and instead give every citizen 800 euros per month, rich or poor, from birth until death (8.8k shares): view
  • Uruguay runs off 95% clean energy, so why don’t we? (8.7k shares) view
  • Renegade Pulitzer prize-winning journalist Chris Hedges talks about the importance of independent media, why the corporate oligarchy needs to be challenged, and why the USA is ripe for a revolution (4.3k shares): view
  • Statistics show mass fear over terrorism is completely irrational (1.2k shares): view
  • 337 dead whales in Chile is the worst case of mass animal deaths science has ever seen (10.8k shares): view
  • Scientists invent revolutionary material to clean up oil spills (1.8k shares): view
  • Doctors in this French town prescribe surfing instead of pills (5.4k shares): view
  • McDonalds under fire again for refusing food to the homeless (2.2k shares): view
  • Former army general blows the whistle on the truth about the War on Terror (video, 4.3k shares): view

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