In memory of little Rawan, let´s end child marriage for good

35,000 children per day are forced into marriage
39,000 children per day are forced into marriage

This week, an eight-year-old Yemeni girl called Rawan died from severe internal injuries after being brutally raped by her 40-year-old husband on their wedding night. It´s impossible to imagine the terror and pain this small child suffered as she was so horrifically abused, but we must not let her tragic ordeal be in vain. In Yemen, where poverty-stricken families can earn good money by selling a young daughter, more than a quarter of girls marry before the age of 15. For years, protesters in Yemen have been fighting to change this, but in 2009 the courts threw out a law that campaigned to set the minimum age for marriage at 17.  Rawan´s parents failed her, and so did her government. Her death has sparked anger in Yemen, and we must join the people´s urgent call for change while the world´s attention is on the country. All children deserve a childhood. Please act now before another girl like Rawan is forced to endure such a barbaric attack on her innocence.

I have created a petition on Avaaz and would appreciate any help to raise awareness-  please sign and share the campaign using the above link if this touches you.  United, we CAN make a difference to future generations.



  1. Well, about commercials – shame they don´t pay you, in that case I would not mind at all. Like this, it is just a marketing tool and we can live with that, if that is price to get access to your great content:)

    Interesting and important article! It is quite strange to realize what kind of things are still happening in the World, even in this “age”, like some kind of twisted relics from the past… Good luck with the petition, I signed it and shared, so hopefully there will be enough of people signing!

    Good luck!


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